What is Mediation?

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Mediation is a viable low-cost alternative to traditional divorce litigation. A qualified mediator acts as a third party to resolve key issues, including child custody, support and visitation as well as alimony and asset division. Mediation typically takes two to three sessions. At the end of the process, the mediator creates a legally-binding settlement agreement for your divorce, and includes the necessary forms for you to file your divorce action with the courts.
Benefits of Divorce Mediation
  • Alternative to adversarial divorce process
  • Parties make their own decisions
  • Parties control the process
  • Less expensive
  • Less emotionally destructive
  • Much quicker process
  • Lets couples do their own bargaining to achieve resolution and reconciliation
  • Mediation is better for your children as you will remain cooperative throughout the process and be able to co-parent after the divorce
Who Should Mediate?
Couples whose primary goal is to remain amicable, and couples who are both motivated to work out their differences together and make their own decisions regarding their family and assets should mediate rather than litigate.


Client Information Sheet
Mediation Agreement
Intro Letter
Financial Affidavit Short
Financial AffidaviT Long